• Group Hikes

  • Group hikes are small groups of 2-4 dogs that we take out so they can hike/run, swim, and play like dogs!  Hikes are mentally stimulating as they are physically, as we never take the same path two days in a row! We take different coastal trails around the south shore daily.  Hikes include a minimum of 1.5 hours of trail time, not including transport, and assure your pup comes home happy and tired!  Daily pictures via social media and/or text, as well as pick up and drop off service are also included! We offer both small on-leash hikes as well as off-leash hikes for those who prefer a little more freedom!

    We keep our hiking groups small so we can provide more individualized care for each pack member. During our hikes we continuously reinforce your dogs basic commands, manners, and recall. As much fun as running off leash is, it is a privilege. All new pack members start on a leash/long lead until they can demonstrate good basic commands, manners, and a SOLID RECALL.

    To assure a fun and SAFE environment for our dogs, a short interview is required before we take your dog on a hike.  Following the interview, there is a trial period of one week before being fully accepted into the group. Play groups are fun, but we take the safety of our pack seriously and want to make sure everyone is comfortable and having fun!

    Hikes include 1.5-2 hour trail time, pick up/drop off, pictures, social media updates, treats, fresh water, and towel clean/rub down!

  • Requirements

    • Up to date on vaccinations
    • Flea and tick preventive, Heartworm preventive
    • All dogs over 1 year must be spayed/neutered
    • Puppies must be a minimum of 4 months old with a series of 4 puppy boosters completed (Dog walking/Potty Breaks available for future hikers!)
    • Collar (preferably Martingale/no slip style), dog tag with owner info, and rabies tag
  • Rates (Per Dog)

    • $26/day
    • $50/week for 2 days
    • $70/week for 3 days
    • $90/week for 4 days
    • $100/week for 5 days

    *Discounts for multiple dog households